We Are All Detroit
What Stays and What Disappears


Germany 2021
118 Min (Original with english subtitles)

Directors:  Ulrike Franke, Michael Loeken

Distribution: realfiction
International Distributor: New Docs

A look at two cities located far apart – Bochum and Detroit – where the departure of the automobile industry has left behind enormous challenges. The industry disappears, and what remains are the people. Ultimately, it is a journey into the hearts of each city’s inhabitants, who are in search of a new identity following the end of the industrial age. Despite all their differences, what unites them is the desire for a dignified and happy life. 




2021 — 55. Internationale Hofer Filmtage plus7streamdays

2021 — 45. Duisburger Filmwoche

2021 — Kinofest Lünen

2022 — Stranger Than Fiction / Documention Filmfestival / Opening Film /
Köln — 28 January 2022
Bochum — 29 January 2022
Dortmund— 29 January 2022
Essen — 30 January 2022
Brühl — 1 February 2022
Duisburg — 2 February 2022


„WE ARE ALL DETROIT is an excellently told story of capitalism and market economy, of decay and (re)construction, and above all of sympathetic protagonists always looking optimistically into an unknown future, which the jury unanimously awarded the rating „especially valuable“.“
Jury statement FBW predicate „especially valuable“

„WE ARE ALL DETROIT is a century-long narrative spanning two continents.“
Andreas Wilink // kultur.west // 10/29/2021



WE ARE ALL DETROIT – WHAT STAYS AND WHAT DISAPPEARS follows the explosive development of two cities on two different continents and its effect on the people who live there.

These two very different cities – Bochum, in Germany’s Ruhr region, and Detroit, in the US Rust Belt – have something very important in common: both Detroit and Bochum were substantially shaped by the automobile industry. And both the beginning and the end of Bochum’s auto industry can be traced to Detroit. Following the end of the industrial age, the people on both sides of the globe are in search of a new identity. The audience is introduced both to the residents affected by these developments, whose reality is defined by them, and to the active players – planners, scientists and politicians – in the transformation, all announcing promises and visions for a future that is more than uncertain. Despite all their differences, the residents of Bochum and Detroit are connected by their desire for a dignified and happy life and this cinematic journey through the two cities becomes a journey into the hearts of their people.


We Are All Detroit
What Stays and What Disappears
Germany 2021
118 Min (Original with english subtitles)

We Are All Detroit
Vom Bleiben und Verschwinden
Deutschland 2021
118 Min (D/EN)

Directors: Ulrike Franke, Michael Loeken
Director of Photography: Uwe Schäfer, Philip Hallay, Fabrizio Constantini, Michael Loeken, Michael Chauvistré, Jörg Adams
Location Sound: Florian Högerle, Ulrike Franke, Bal-Aton Bori, Michael Loeken, Max Walter
Editor: Guido Krajewski, Bert Schmidt
Music: Maciej Śledziecki
Commissioning Editor: Jutta Krug (WDR)
Supported by: Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, BKM, DFFF